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World’s Steak challenge 2019

Azul Natural Beef - Devesa proudly announces its distinction as a silver award winner for the quality of its rib eye steak in World’s Steak challenge 2019 which took place in Dublin on July 10th.

The World steak challenge is a global competition that gives worldwide steak producers a unique platform to benchmark product quality, breed credentials and processing standards on the international stage. The World Steak Challenge maintains a comprehensive judging panel formed of top butchers, food journalists, industry experts and meat scientists.

This award certifies the superior level of quality of Devesa Argentine Beef. Its overwhelming and succulent flavor is widely recognized for one more time. Most of all this award is devoted to all our people for their hard work and commitment to our values.

We are committed to continue working harder offering premium products of exceptional quality and remaining leading ambassadors of Argentine Beef.

Marketing Department

Azul Natural Beef S.A.

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