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The leading slaughterhouses slaughtered more steers in October

The category explains 39% of the improvement in total processing. Know who the main companies were.

The first ten companies or business groups in Argentina slaughtered almost 355 thousand heads in October, almost 68 thousand animals more than last month. The share over the total national participation was 29%, the same as in September.

The Beltrán Group once again led the ranking, followed by Swift, which left Deltacar in third place. Coto and Penta on the fifth place, like the previous month. Although the rest of the places register some variants, for the fourth consecutive month, the same companies remain among the top ten in the country.

The Beltrán Group between January and October who, surpassed 500 thousand heads and Deltacar continue in the first two places, while Swift moved Penta to the fourth place. The following positions remain the same as last month except the last one, which was entered by La Anónima leaving Cía. Bernal out of the lot of the ten leaders.

The slaughter of steers of the leaders exceeded 113 thousand heads, 26 thousand more than in September, explaining the growth of the total processing. The national participation reached 49%, four points more than in September. The ranking was led by Rioplatense, followed by La Anónima, Quickfood and Friar. Azul Natural Beef climbed from 6th place to 4th. Cía Bernal and Agroindustrial Exports, displaced Frimsa and Marfrig from the ranking.

Regarding cows slaughter Swift continues leading, followed by Gorina and Friar, both with a very even volume of slaughter.

In the lightweight cateogries (young bulls, heifers, calves and calves) Beltrán continued leading in October, followed by the Deltacar, Penta and Coto groups.

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